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Van/Wheelchair Lifts

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Van / Wheelchair Lifts


Lift Aids is as an authorized dealer for BraunAbility and Ricon/VMI wheelchair lifts.  These lifts are only available for full size vans.  Typical installations are for either the passenger side or rear of most full size vans and are designed to lift a person and their mobility device up and into the vehicle.  Operation can be accomplished by the use of a hand held pendant cord or (optional features such as conveniently located dash mounted switches, switches in the rear tail light or by remote control).  If your needs are different than those as indicated, give us a call – we do custom application installations upon occasion.

There are several different styles of lifts available to fit most individual's needs and lifestyles.

Standard Dual Post Lift:  A standard dual-post lift, such as the Braun Millennium Series lift, uses two hydraulic arms and a sturdier platform to lift heavier wheelchairs.

Single- Post Split-Platform Lift: A single-post split-platform lift, such as Braun’s Vangater II, folds when stowed to allow access to the vehicle for other to enter and exit the vehicle without the need to deploy the lift.

Dual-Post Split-Platform Lift: Dual-post split-platform lifts are designed with the strength and stability of a dual-post lift and the visibility of a split-platform lift. The wheelchair platform folds vertically from the center of the platform allowing others to enter and exit the vehicle without the need of deploying the lift.

Under Vehicle Lift: The UVL mounts outside under the vehicle frame on the passenger side. The UVL does not infringe on the vehicle’s interior space, change the vehicle’s aesthetics or block the door.

UVL Series

The UVL or Under Vehicle Left is mounted underneath the vehicle, out of sight and out of your way until needed. IT provides easy access for ambulatory passengers and cargo, a clear-side view for the driver while traveling and maximum interior space for passengers.

UVL Series




F500 Platform Liftf500 Platform Lift

The innovative Fiorella F500 wheelchair lift is widely used in Europe and is the perfect solution for smaller vans, specifically global vans like the Ford Transit Connect. The F500, when paired with the Ford Transit Connect provides a mobility solution that is affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use.  




Clearway Platform LIftClearwayTM Platform Lift

The Clearway™ has a fully automatic split platform that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump allow quick, reliable operation. Handrails on the frame provide increased comfort and security.  




Uni-Lite Wheelchair LiftUni-LiteTM Wheelchair Lift

The UNI-Lite™, which features 1/4"-thin platform and aluminum alloy construction, weighs only 160 lbs., yet it can easily lift as much as 600 lbs. UNI-lite™ is a lightweight electric mobility lift (other lifts are commonly hydraulic powered). Second, the UNI-lite™ is constructed of lightweight aluminum, creating less wear and tear on the suspension in a wheelchair van.   



Reliant Wheelchair LiftReliantTM Wheelchair LIft

The Reliant™ features a trim, compact design that allows you to make the most of your interior space, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure years of dependable use. Reliant™ platform wheelchair lifts are very simple to operate thanks to features like automatic rollstops, a non-skid platform, and handrails with on-board switches.  




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