Congratulations to Connie Stauffer and Darrell Frank on their retirement! We are now third generation owned and operated. The same great staff is here ready to assist and help like always before.

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    Vehicle Modifications

    If You Can Dream It – We Can Build It

    Lift Aids, Inc. we have the firm belief that regardless of a person’s physical limitations, they should not be limited in their choice of vehicle.  Lift Aids, Inc., the oldest adaptive equipment and vehicle modification dealer in the great state of Texas is proud to be one of less than 15 vehicle modifiers in the country that is certified to make structural and gas tank retrofit modifications. This allows us to provide that one-of-a-kind custom vehicle modification that is as unique as YOU — THE VEHICLE OWNER!  Because Lift Aids has their own custom fabrication department under roof, there is no need to ship your vehicle across country for specialized modifications such as raised tops and doors.   Not only does this save you money; it also saves time and wear and tear on your vehicle.  Don’t let other modifiers tell you that you need a new vehicle or you have to pay extra for shipping costs.  Call or come in today and let LIFT AIDS, INC. help YOU save time and KEEP MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!!  We may be the oldest modifier in the state but we are definitely not OLD SCHOOL!!  IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN BUILD IT!

    Custom Modifications

    Because Lift-Aids has a custom fabrication department, we can modify your vehicle, in most cases, with lowered floors, raised roofs and door extensions for more space and head room.  Every vehicle we modify complies with ADA requirements. Come in and ask us how we can modify your vehicle today.


    Custom heavy duty lift for oversized electric mobility devicesCustom Heavy Duty Lift for Oversized Electric Mobility Devices

    Lift-Aids also offers a Custom Heavy-Duty Lift for Oversized Electric Mobility Devices. This three-function hydraulic lift is designed to lift and stow fully assembled oversized wheelchairs and scooters over the driver or passenger side truck beds.  Power for the lift comes from the truck’s battery and has been load tested at 1,100 pounds. The lift is approved by the VA and DARS for funding.

    "OX" Custom Heavy Duty Lift

    LIFT AIDS, Inc. "OX" Custom Heavy Duty Lift is designed to pick up and load over-sized electric mobility devices. Load-tested at 1100 pounds and cycle-tested at 815 pounds, the OX will lift and stow fully assembled over-size wheelchairs and scooters over the side rails on most pickup trucks.


    REV (Rear Entry Vehicle)

    Lift-Aids is proud to introduce REV (Rear Entry Van) conversion with a reliable and cost-effective manual door and ramp system. This ramp also provides great visibility and accommodates up to six passengers and meets FMVSS standards. It is not only available for Dodge Grand Caravans, but also for Chrysler Town & Country (2005-2010) and Volkswagen Routan.


    Rasied Roof and Door ExtensionsRaised Door Opening

    These are available for side-sliding or double doors as well as single- and double-rear doors.  Our standard door extensions allows for a full 57-½” of vertical clearance making them compliant with ADA requirements.  Depending on the style of raised roof, doors can be extended to accommodate a taller or shorter opening depending on individual needs and desires.  All our door extensions are painted to match the original color of the vehicle as close as possible. New OEM door rubber is installed to create a water tight seal.


    Raised RoofRaised Roof 

    Our standard raised top is approximately 18” tall and includes a steel roof support, fabric upholstered head-liner.  The white fiberglass exterior can be custom painted to match the vehicle exterior color at customer request for an additional cost.  We offer several styles of tops depending on customer needs or preference.


    Custom Gull Wing DoorCustom "Gull-Wing" Door

    LIFT AIDS, INC. custom "Gull-Wing" door provides those extra few precious inches of room often required for entering/exiting the door on most full size trucks and SUVs. Our custom lowered floor, under vehicle mounted wheelchair lift completes the package. Available driver and/or passenger.


    Custom Over Vehicle LiftCustom "OVL" Over Vehicle Lift

    LIFT AIDS, INC. custom "OVL" Over Vehicle Lift lifts a person in/out of their wheelchair and loads them into the vehicle. Available for driver or passenger side of vehicles.


    Reverse DoorReverse Door

    When you have the needed room to load and unload the wheelchair directly behind the driver seat but can’t because the “B” pillar and door is in the way, consider a reverse door hinge modification.  This modification allows the driver to transfer into the driver seat and load/unload the wheelchair for independent mobility.  Door can be manual operation or power operation.  Not suitable for all vehicles.



    Person Lift

    A person lift, mounted to the roof of a vehicle, to help transfer in/out of wheelchair for personal need or to relieve pressure from sitting.

    Person LiftPerson Lift