Congratulations to Connie Stauffer and Darrell Frank on their retirement! We are now third generation owned and operated. The same great staff is here ready to assist and help like always before.

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    Residential Modifications

    Residential Elevators

    Assuming you are unfamiliar with the design of a residential elevator, let’s review the basic operation.

    Residential Elevators

    1. The cab travels vertically along two guide rails. (Approximately 30-40 ft./min.)
    2. Lift-Aids offers either a 1:2 Roped Hydraulic, a Winding Drum  or an In-Line Traction drive system.

      • Roped Hydraulic– a hydraulic cylinder works in conjunction with wire ropes and sheaves to raise and lower the cab.
      • Winding Drum– a gear reduction drive turns and winds the wire rope (to raise) or unwinds the wire rope (to lower) the car through a system of sheaves.
    3. Electronic controls monitor cab position, door latch status, floor leveling and automatic lighting.

    These are the panel finishes available for our elevators.

    WalnutNatural OakCherry Dark OakBirch Light Oak 
     Walnut Natural Oak Cherry Dark Oak Birch Light Oak

    Lift-Aids is a fully authorized Garaventa Dealer and is able to assist you with any projects that involved a Thyssen Krupp Access product: Here a link to a recently published article from Garaventa Lift.

    Residential Stair Lifts

    Enjoy Your lifestyle doesn’t have to be limited by stairs. Enjoy your home, just the way you always wanted to!

    Residential Stair Lifts

    • Freedom – With the Electra-Ride, you can go up and down stairs effortlessly, anytime you want to. Electra-Ride gives you the freedom to live a full life.
    • Security – Since the Electra-Ride is battery- powered, you can always get up or down stairs, even if there’s a power outage. You can rely on the charge stored in the unit to get you to the top or bottom of the stairway.
    • Comfort – Unlike ordinary chain or cable driven stairlifts, Electra-Ride uses a rack and pinion system, so there’s no slipping or lurching when the unit stops and starts. Your ride is smooth and controlled. Your installer can even set the speed to suit your own comfort level.
    • Less Costly – Electra-Ride is simpler and less costly to install than other units because with battery-power you don’t need to install additional outlets.
    • Convenient – Electra-Ride compact size ensures that friends and family can use your stairway, even after the unit is in place.
    • Full Value – Electra-Ride is complete with a full list of standard features. Similarly priced units either don’t offer these items or they are shown only as extra cost options. Remote call/ sends, 45° and 90° seat swivel at both the top and bottom of the stairs, adjustable, swing out arms, and a 350 lb. rider capacity are all included.
    • Certified – Electra-Ride meets all ANSIA-17.1 residential requirements and public building specifications with the optional commercial package.



    Residential Ramps

    Lift-Aid offers a full line of high quality wheelchair ramps through our partnership with Prairie View Industries, including the original multi-fold access ramp, threshold, modular, suitcase and van ramps.  PVI ramps have set the standard of excellence and are the only ramps to be both patented and listed by Underwriters Laboratories. PVI Ramps are proudly made in the USA.

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    Overhead Lifts

    Overhead LiftsLift-Aids now offers a full line of patient lifts including ceiling mounted and floor stand lifts for the home and for commercial applications.  This includes Mobile Floor Lifts, Sit to Stand Lifts, Trransportable Lifts and Overhead Lifting Systems.

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    Milford Person Lift

    Milford Wall Bracket

    The Milford Person Lift with a lifting capacity of 330# can be used anywhere….for transferring into a vehicle, a chair, the bed, the bath, etc.  With its light weight construction and portability, it makes the perfect lift for small tight spaces and traveling.









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