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    Driving Controls

    There are many types of assistive driving devices available today. Simple mechanical hand controls are available for individuals with good upper body strength and dexterity. For individuals with less strength, we offer driving aids that require minimum effort for steering, gas, brake and all secondary controls. Many proven products are available from MPS, EMC, Drive Master and many more.

    Foot Steering

    Left Foot Gas Pedal

    Designed for people with limited or no use of their right foot, the quick release left foot gas pedal enables those drivers to utilize their left foot for gas operation. The pedal can be installed in any vehicle with an automatic transmission. No adjustments are necessary after installation, and the unit can easily be removed to allow other drivers to operate the vehicle. A pedal stop is part of the unit and will not allow the right foot to inadvertently apply throttle.


    Steering Knobs

    Designed for positive one-handed control of the steering wheel, steering knobs fit most steering wheels and are available in several different styles depending on the driver’s needs.  Manufactured with a quick release base makes it a snap to detach the knob from its base so as not to interfere with other drivers.

    Amputee RingAmputee Ring

    This will accommodate most drivers with a prosthetic hook on their steering arms. Made of durable steel and can be placed most locations on the steering wheel. The prosthesis should have soft surface pinchers.




    Spinner KnobSpinner Knobs

    For positive one-handed control of the steering wheel.  The spinner knob remains fixed in a comfortable position on the steering wheel and provides the added strength and control for one handed driving.



    Steering Cuff (Palm Spinner)Steering Cuff (Palm Spinner)

    This steering device offers complete support and control for the totally Disabled Hand and Wrist. This can be placed at any position on the steering wheel according to driving prescription and personal comfort.




    Tri SpinnerTri-Pins

    This is a steering device for drivers with no grip and diminished wrist stability. Supported by a secure base located along the inside of the steering wheel, each pin is covered with foam to provide the driver with maximum comfort.




    V Grip (Quad Fork)V-Grip

    This steering device for drivers with a minimum grip stabilizes the driving hand securely. Secured base is also adjustable according to individual abilities.





    Single PostSingle Post Steering Device

    This is a single pin steering device for the driver with full use of steering hand and arm. Pin is covered with foam to provide the driver with maximum comfort.






    Push RockHand Controls

    Push Rock

    The MPS Push/Rock Hand Control is the newest addition to our lineup of quality driving aids. This control enables the driver to apply the accelerator and brakes by hand. When the upright handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal the brakes are applied. When the upright handle is rocked rearward toward the user the accelerator is applied.




    Push-PullPush Pull

    The MPS Push/Pull hand control operates by pushing down toward the floor to activate the brake and pulling back on the handle activates the accelerator.  Available with up-right handle (as pictured) or standard horizontal handle.  Handles come standard with foam covering for added comfort and protection from the elements.





    Right AnglePush Right Angle

    The Monarch Mark 1A driving control is by far the most popular of all controls.  Through the mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by applying forward motion away from the driver.  The gas is applied by applying downward pressure toward the driver’s lap making this the lease fatiguing of all controls on the market.


    Horizontal Steering

    Horizontal SteeringHorizontal steering system is customized to meet the needs of those with high-level spinal cord injuries and all others who experience limited arm strength and range of motion.


    • Eliminates the arm-lifting motion normally needed to steer.
    • Fully adjustable in all planes.
    • Telescopes for maximum driver adjustment and comfort.
    • Can be installed on any tilt or non-tilt steering column.
    • Does not interfere with the O.E.M. collapsible feature built into the steering column of every vehicle.
    • Optional interchangeable system allows conventional steering as well.
    • Must be used with powered gear selector, electric directional signal, remote ignition, and remote wipers, if equipped.


    Foot SteeringFoot Steering

    For consumers that were born without arms or for those that have lost all use of their arms, foot steering may be the answer.  Foot steering allows the client to steer the vehicle with one foot while operating the gas and brake with the other.  Foot steering often requires a steering reduction and electronic components for operation of secondary controls such as horn, dimmer, wipers, etc.


    Reduced Effort Steering and Brakes

    Reduced Effort Steering modification is the reduction of the effort it takes to turn the steering wheel.  This modification can be made on vehicles with standard power gear box type steering as well as rack and pinion steering.  The degree of reduction depends on the individuals need but are typically reduced from 40 ounces to either 20-24 ounces (considered low effort) or to 6-8 ounces (considered no or zero effort) (These statistics will vary depending on make and model of vehicle and tire size).

    Reduced Effort Brake reduces the effort needed to depress the brake pedal.  Low effort brake modification reduces the standard requirement from approximately 20 foot pounds down to approximately 11 foot pounds.  No or zero effort reduces the foot pounds required down to approximately 7 foot pounds. (These statistics will vary depending on make and model of vehicle)

    Electric Back Up Systems are available for both steering and brakes.  These systems consists of adding a secondary motor or pump on the vehicle that is installed in line with the steering or brake system that monitors the pressure of the fluids.  If a loss of pressure is detected, such as in the event of engine failure,  the back-up systems will automatically come on and supply the needed power to steer or brake the vehicle long enough for the driver to get off the road.  Steering and braking systems are independent of one another and are sold separately.


    Electronic Driving ControlsElectronic Driving Controls

    AEVIT single control system. With this new technology, more than ten different control input devices are available to meet your needs. Each of these different control inputs can be used in conjunction with the same control drive components and output servomotors to create a system tailored to your needs. The AEVIT primary driving control system provides a low-effort control solution for operation of the factory gas, brake, and steering controls. A variety of unique interfaces to the control system are available and can be mounted nearly anywhere in the driver’s area of the vehicle. These "input devices," as they are called, have the look and feel of factory driving controls, but are designed specifically for the purpose of maximizing your abilities.


    Secondary Controls


    This is a voice recognition system that can be used to access specific vehicle functions with only the driver’s verbal commands. DigiVoice can operate up to 18 programmed functions including park, neutral, reverse, drive, left and right turn signals, hazard flashers, dimmer, cruise control, horn, wipers and front and rear fan speeds.

    A switch is used to signal the system to listen for a command. When the command is heard, it is repeated back to the driver and the function automatically activates.


    Digitone is an audible switch system used to access multiple functions from a single momentary switch. Press the activation switch and you will hear a series of eight musical tones (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do). Each tone will correspond to a specific vehicle function. Digitone is especially useful for AEVIT Gas, Brake & Steering system users that require some flexibility in accessing multiple functions.

    Electric Park Brake

    The Electric Parking Brake replaces the mechanical park brake for those individuals who are unable to activate this critical component and can be installed in any vehicle that utilizes a cable-driven park brake mechanism.

    Smart Shift

    This fully automated selector gives its user the ability to shift the vehicle transmission quickly and easily with a touch of a button. Smart Shift uses positional feedback technology to change the vehicle’s transmission from Park to Drive in approximately 1.3 seconds.

    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

    The HVAC control system provides the disabled diver with the ability to independently control the direction of air flow and temperature all from a single touchpad. Not available for all vehicles.

    Power Headrest

    Power head rest provides head support along with the ability to control up to 6 different secondary control functions by slightly tilting and pushing the head in different directions.

    Two-Button Touchpads

    We offer three different Two-button Touchpads: One for turn signals, one for your horn and dimmer and one for auxiliary functions. Each touchpad uses two low-effort switches for easy access.



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